Promoting Natural Gas as an alternative fuel

for Industrial and Commercial users’ energy needs

Member States Involved

Cyprus & Greece

Duration of Project

April 2017 – March 2020

Project Cost & Funding

Total Project cost: €7.470.000
CEF Contribution: €4.482.000
CEF funding rate: 60%

Cynergy Project The Action

The Action

CYnergy provides a holistic approach towards the adoption of Natural Gas (NG) in Cyprus and the development of a sustainable and fully functional NG market for providing clean and affordable energy to the end user. The project, which is co-financed by the EU, is a collaboration of energy, transport and finance experts as well as public and governmental institutions of Cyprus and Greece.

The project is a collaboration of experts in:
Governmental Institutions

The field of Action

CYnergy covers the Orient/East –Med CEF Corridor and the complete TEN-T Core and Comprehensive Network of Cyprus (Ports and Road). By taking the Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) facility as the focal point, CYnergy will analyse and define the supply chains for the use of LNG and CNG by maritime, road transport, industrial and users.

Cynergy Project-The Action

Pillars of Action

Define the best available solution for the main and complementary schemes in NG supply, storage, trade and distribution in Cyprus.
Explore the possible development of a secondary LNG market (INTRAMED) utilizing small-scale LNG bunkering vessels.
Examine the possible development of a complementary CNG waterborne supply chain.
Develop specific implementation plans for the use of NG by road transport, industrial and commercial users and the maritime sector.

Environmental Benefits

CYnergy promotes energy efficiency and emissions reduction
Reduction of GHG emissions
Improvement in energy efficiency
Increase of the share of renewable energy by 2020

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